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SKU: 11-3


Treatment for an inflamed bottom. Protects and soothes baby’s bottom. Makes the skin soft.


Skin type : Rashes, irritations, humidity
Expectations : Calms, soothes, protects
Presentation : 100 g tube

  • This Organic soothing cream relieves and prevents red baby buttocks. As it contains purifying but also calming, nourishing* and protective active ingredients, this gives it multiple functions. Baby’s bottom is protected and comforted, while providing softness to the skin. Nature thrives without chemical products… So does baby! Tested under pediatric control.

    Active ingredients :
    Zinc, Hemp*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Lavender*, Bitter Orange*, Palmarosa*, Ho Wood, Vegetal Vitamin E
    * ingredients from Organic Farming

    Application :
    After cleaning baby’s bottom with the  Baby Cleansing Moisturizing Milk or the Baby Cleansing Gel, delicately spread a blob of cream on sensitive or inflamed areas. Renew with each nappy change. Use also as prevention during periods susceptible to bottom rashes (teething, fevers…). For night nappy change, apply a thicker layer to create a long-lasting protective barrier.
    Tip : Can also be used on all irritated areas of the body, both on babies and adults (folds, friction, under the breasts, armpits…).

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