About your aesthetician.

Beauty and aesthetics have always been a passion of mine. Upon completing high school, I began pursuing a degree in biology and chemistry and thereafter, I got certified as an aesthetician in Europe in 1989. In other words, I have over 28 years of experience as a skin specialist.


Within this time period, I have tried my best to keep on adding to my knowledge and to maintain myself updated on new modalities and practices. I also have experience in pharmaceutical compounding which helped to further my knowledge in some medications, chemical ingredients and their negative side effects on the mental and physical front.


Furthermore, my mother is an herbalist and through her, I have learned a lot about how to heal ones body and thus, skin through natural means without all of the harmful chemicals present in most modern medicine and skin care products. I see our bodies in a holistic manner where mind and body are intertwined. If one is not well it will affect the well being of the other.


To that extent, my intent behind Water Lily Beauty Salon is to provide a place that offers a variety of personalized holistic treatments and products to suit the needs and preferences of my clients.

Margarita Angélova

-Founder of Water Lily Beauty Salon-



that before you take any recommended by me health supplement etc., you should always consult with your family physician beforehand especially, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, planning any medical procedure or have a medical condition.