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This Organic cream, containing Brown Seaweed and extract of Pink Pepper, boosts radiance and helps to prevent the first signs of ageing. The skin is energised for an even brighter complexion.


Type of skin: Dull, devitalized, stressed skin
Expectation: Illuminates, revitalizes, anti-aging prevention
Presentation: 40 g tube

  • This  Reviderm Oxygenating Cream 40ml Phyt's  boosts the radiance of the complexion thanks to the synergy of brown algae, which stimulate oxygenation and cell regeneration, and Pink Pepper extract, which helps activate skin microcirculation. The chlorophyll present in the formulation also helps detoxify and regenerate the skin.
    Its moisturizing action and its powerful antioxidant active ingredients help to deeply revitalize the skin and prevent the first signs of aging.
    The skin breathes. The  Reviderm Cream 40ml Phyt's  allows the skin to be refreshed, energized and visibly stronger to obtain an even brighter complexion.

    Active Ingredients: Vegetal Chlorophyll, Pink Peppercorns, Seaweed, Aloe Vera*, Rosemary*, Acerola*, Hazelnut*, Avocado*, Vegetal Squalane, Vegetal Vitamin E*Ingredients from Organic Farming

    Application: Morning and/or evening, cleanse and tone the skin, then apply to the face, lip and eye contours, neck and cleavage.

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