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Professional Skin Care KIT

Professional Skin Care KIT

SKU: 11-16

Idrolife Set for All Skin Types: Cream 50ml + Eye Contour Cream 15ml                  


Moisurzing Day & Night Face Cream: Cream:

  • Protects and moisturizes the skin throughout the day
  • The synergistic action of Rice Bran, Musk Rose, Wheat Germ and Sweet Almond oils and toning, and soothing botanicals increases skin’s elasticity


Eye Draining Eye Cream:

  • Visibly smooths fine lines, reduces puffiness and dark circles
  • The draining action of caffeine helps to counteract swelling and signs of fatigue
  • With toning and soothing botanical extracts and vitamin E and A
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  • IDROLIFE LINE: A skin care range based on Green tea, Aloe Vera and moisture complex. Green tea extract is mainly used for the protection of cell membranes against damage caused by free radicals. Green tea also has astringent and purifying properties for the treatment of oily skin and the presence of caffeine, theobromine and theophilus, stimulates circulation. Aloe Vera is  highly moisturising, soothing and softening as a result of the polysaccharides, amino acids, enzymes and mineral salts found in the plant. The moisture complex comes from biotecnological hyaluronic acid. This is not absorbed by the skin but forms a thin film which retains the moisture on the skin’s surface  and regulates the skin’s level of moisture.

    Moisurzing Day & Night Face Cream:  Suitable for all skin types, this soft and light cream has been created to protect and moisturize the skin thanks to the presence of aloe vera, allantoin and melon juice. The synergistic action of precious oils such as sweet almond oil, rose oil, rice oil and wheat germ oil promotes an increase in skin elasticity, it also forms a micro- film on the skin that acts as a protective barrier against weathering.

    Recommended Use: Apply on face and neck with soothing movements until completely absorbed.

    Eye Draining Eye Cream: This eye cream smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness and dark circles. Hydrates the area around the eyes without irritating the draining action skin. Draining action of caffeine helps to counte- ract swelling and signs of fatigue. Contains toning and soothing botanical extracts and vitamin E and A.

    Recommended Use: Massage morning and evening on clean skin around eye area. 

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