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SKU: 3760126260043

Creamy and easy to apply, the Hydro-Cleansing Milk removes impurities and make-up from the epidermis. The originality of its water-soluble formula allows it to be rinsed off like a soap while keeping the skin soft and smooth. Fine emulsion, this milk does not leave greasy marks on the face and neck.


Skin type : All skin types
Expectations : Cleanses, removes make-up
Presentation : 200 g tube


  • Creamy and easy to use, this Organic cleansing milk removes make-up and impurities. Its water-soluble formula can be rinsed off like soap, leaving skin soft and smooth. Fine emulsion, it doesn’t leave oily traces on face and neck.

    Active ingredients :
    Orange*, Lavandin*, Palmarosa*, Chamomile*, Passionflower*, Ginseng*, Meadowsweet*, Sunflower*, Hazel*, Beeswax*
    * ingredients from Organic farming

    Application :
    Morning and evening, emulsify all over face and neck. Rinse with water then dry. Complete cleansing by toning the skin with the Bitter Orange Leaf Toner or the Eucalyptus Leaf Toner, depending on the skin type. To remove make-up on lips, use on a damp cotton pad.

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