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SKU: 3760126263389

24H Hydrating Body Milk –Long lasting for all dehydrated skin types.
 Hydrates, nourishes*, softens - 200 ml pump-bottle.

  • Rich in moisturizing active ingredients, this Organic body milk hydrates and comforts all skin types, even the most dehydrated. With the lightness of a lotion and all the comfort of a cream, it deeply moisturizes the skin, while maintaining the skin protective barrier. Thanks to its ultra-fluid texture, it penetrates immediately, without greasy effect, for a continuous hydration during 24H! The skin, refreshed, regains its suppleness and comfort. It is then smooth, soft and radiant of beauty.

    Active ingredients :th
    Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid (small molecular weight), Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid (high molecular weight), Aloe Vera*, Vegetal Glycerin, Vegetal Sugars, Argan*, Sunflower*, Vegetal Vitamin E
    * ingredients from Organic Farming

    Application :
    After bath or shower, apply by a soft massage on the entire body, insisting on the driest areas.

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